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David Sobelman

David Sobelman is the Founder and CEO of 3 Properties. Having been in the net lease industry for over fifteen years, Dave has traveled around the country, been digitally and traditionally published, and has investments himself. 3 Properties is currently a successful, full-service net lease brokerage but David will be the first to tell you: it started with an idea. From observing ans participating in the net lease brokerage world, Sobelman started 3 Properties with the goal improving upon the inefficiencies in, what he feels is, an antiquated ecosystem. David is an avid golfer, a husband as well as a father of two amazing children, Henry and Mabry.

David was Long Island born and Sarasota raised. He currently lives in Tampa, and is a quick bus ride away from 3P HQ.

Fun fact: David’s next dream is to write and produce a sitcom highlighting the humorous, wacky misadventures of a South Tampa broker. Air date TBD.

Teal Henderson

Teal Henderson has been in the net lease industry since her high school days when she helped her parents invest in and manage net lease properties. The former UNLV tennis player brings priceless knowledge about triple net brokerage, debt coverage, asset valuation and analysis, the companies’ comedic relief along with an unmatched competitive drive. Henderson has worked with David over a decade, and in her career has closed over half a billion dollars in net lease transactions. With skills from paralegal certification as well as experience closing a large variety of deals, Teal is a lease abstraction and asset analyzing pro. Her secret indulgences are sale-leaseback transactions and portfolio sales. Teal is a wonderful mother of three and has been married to her loving husband, Arlo for over twenty-one years.

Teal was born in Colorado, raised in Hawaii and currently resides in Tampa, FL.

Fun Fact: Throughout the year, Teal finds the time to compete and win at a national level in tennis tournaments around the country.

Nerd #3

Emily Cusmano
Emily Cusmano

I'm a nerd!


Emily Cusmano

Emily Cusmano has been at 3 Properties since its inception and has been working alongside David Sobelman for almost a decade in the net lease industry. Emily orchestrates the many key functions that keep the brokerage alive. Emily takes care of in and out-of-house organization across all departments. Her interest in real estate stems from her family who owns and appraises residential and commercial properties in Florida. 

Emily currently resides where 3 Properties is headquartered – Tampa, FL. 

Fun Fact: Emily is an avid believer in the protection of animals, preservation of natural spaces and conservation of resources. She rides her bike to the office with Emily H. three times a week.

Nerd #4

Noah Shaffer
Noah Shaffer

I'm a nerd!


Noah Shaffer

Noah Shaffer is a certified broker and pivotal member of the 3 Properties team in many fields, from sales and leasing to asset management & training. While pursuing his MBA at the University of South Florida and CPA certification, Noah helped lead the initiative to found a formal undergraduate Real Estate Degree program at the University of South Florida. Noah is a key piece of the 3P mission of efficiency and working smarter to revolutionize the triple net real estate world.  In his limited downtime, he enjoys kayaking, hiking and just about anything outdoors.

While well traveled and always up for a road trip, Noah was born and raised in Tampa, FL.

Fun Fact: A true accounting nerd at heart, keeps every single receipt. No stick of gum is left unaccounted for.

Nerd #5

Emily Hewland
Emily Hewland

I'm A Nerd!


Emily Hewland

Emily Hewland joined the nerds in 2018 as a key element to the expansion of the asset management department. A recent graduate from University of Tampa, Emily has a bachelor’s degree in International Business & Economics and uses strategy, organization and logic to continually add value to the team. Hewland is excited to be a part of a team with diverse strengths and is rapidly learning the net lease investment industry from the experts at 3P and through experience.

Emily is originally from just outside Manchester, England and is currently located in Tampa, FL at 3 Properties headquarters.

Fun Fact: Emily played for UT’s Varsity Tennis team all four years of her undergraduate studies.

Nerd #6

Herb Patterson
Herb Patterson

I'm a nerd!


Herb Patterson

Herb Patterson is our Mid-Atlantic nerd, with experience in all phases of the net lease life cycle, Herb is a priceless asset to the 3 Properties team. With a stunning track record of perseverance and expertise, Herb has closed deals in every category imaginable within the commercial real estate world. When he isn’t sealing huge deals and making strong networking connections, you can find Herb and his wife on a boat along the Chesapeake Bay.



3 Properties was founded by triple net lease investment professional David Sobelman.

It’s platform allows experts to perform more efficiently, ultimately lowering corporate expenses and therefore reducing client fees.

With fifteen years of experience

3 Properties

Was founded by triple net lease investment professional David Sobelman. It’s platform allows experts to perform more efficiently, ultimately lowering corporate expenses and therefore reducing client fees.

With fifteen years of experience equaling billions of dollars in assets and a transaction volume reaching the thousands, 3 Properties exploits the cost-effective aspects of the transaction process. Clients receive better outcomes because overhead expenses are no longer factored into their fees.

In essence, 3 Properties provides the highest level of streamlined performance at lower cost due to drastically reduced firm expenses. When performance and cost-effectiveness are combined, all parties benefit enough for the market to embrace a drastically new net lease brokerage business model. To say that 3 Properties is disrupting the industry is an understatement.


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